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Tasting Menu Launch

Indulge Your Senses: Introducing Our Exquisite Tasting Menu!

Step into a world of culinary delight as The Dog at Wingham proudly unveils its latest culinary masterpiece - our brand new Tasting Menu! Crafted with passion and precision by our talented head chef, Rob, and his dedicated team, this gastronomic journey promises to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Prepare to embark on an unforgettable culinary adventure as each meticulously curated dish takes you on a sensory exploration like no other. From the delicate fusion of flavors to the artful presentation that ignites the imagination, every bite tells a story of creativity and expertise.

As we unveil this culinary masterpiece, we invite you to join us in celebration. Whether you're a seasoned food enthusiast or a curious epicurean eager to expand your palate, our Tasting Menu promises an experience that transcends the ordinary and leaves an indelible mark on your gastronomic journey.

Let our passionate team guide you through a symphony of flavors, where every moment is infused with warmth, elegance, and the unmistakable charm of The Dog at Wingham.

Join us this week and be among the first to experience our new Tasting Menu. Whether it's a special occasion or a spontaneous culinary escapade, we promise an evening of culinary excellence that will linger in your memory long after the last bite.

Chef’s amuse bouche

*Hand picked crab, cuttlefish ink cracker, horseradish & cucumber

*Charred tenderstem broccoli, red pepper whipped chickpeas, pomegranate & zaatar

*Grilled sea bass, green olive tapenade fregola, baby gem & romesco*Dry aged Kentish lamb, confit carrot, sweetbreads, wild garlic chimichurri & bovril infused jus

*Caramelia chocolate delice, glazed banana & caramel ice cream

*Petit fours 

£65.00 per person

We look forward to welcoming you to try our tasting menu!

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your dining experience to new heights. Reserve your table now and embark on a culinary journey like no other at The Dog at Wingham!

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