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Literary Dinner with Tracy Borman

Updated: Mar 28

Wednesday 15th May 6pm

Tracy Borman will be talking about her new book Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I & Anne Boleyn: The Mother & Daughter Who Changed History

Experience an evening steeped in history and intrigue as we delve into the captivating tale of Elizabeth I and Anne Boleyn: two remarkable women who left an indelible mark on history.

Join us for an enlightening talk presented by acclaimed author Tracy Borman, drawing insights from her latest book that sheds new light on the intricate relationship between mother and daughter.

Through meticulous research and analysis of original documents and artifacts, Tracy will unveil the compelling story of Anne Boleyn and her daughter Elizabeth I. Prepare to be transported through time as Tracy navigates through the dramatic twists and turns of their lives, offering fresh perspectives on these iconic figures.

From their tumultuous reigns to their enduring legacy, Tracy will explore the profound impact of their bond, tracing its influence on the modern monarchy.

Before the talk commences at 7:00pm, guests are invited to mingle and enjoy drinks from 6:00pm, setting the stage for an evening of intellectual stimulation and lively discourse. Following the presentation, indulge in a delectable dinner served at 7:45pm, where Tracy will personally visit each table, providing an opportunity for further discussion and engagement.

Whether you're a history enthusiast, a lover of captivating stories, or simply curious about the lives of these influential women, this event promises an enriching experience for all.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to uncover the untold tales of Elizabeth I and Anne Boleyn, and to gain new insights into their enduring legacy. Reserve your seat today for an evening of discovery and enlightenment.

Celebration Menu:

Chef’s amuse bouche

Hand picked crab, cuttlefish ink cracker, horseradish & cucumber

Braised short rib of beef, clotted cream mash, port jus & charred shallot

Caramelia chocolate delice, glazed banana & caramel ice cream

Chef’s amuse bouche

£60.00 per person

N.B. - we cater for all allergies & dietary requirements.

To make a reservation, please call 01227 720 339 or email

This is a ticketed event, paid in advance, strictly limited to just 50 seats.


Tracy Borman is a renowned historian, author, and television presenter known for her expertise in Tudor history and the British monarchy. She has written several acclaimed books, including biographies and historical non-fiction works that delve into the lives of prominent figures from England's past. Borman's meticulous research and engaging writing style have earned her a reputation as a leading authority on the Tudor period.

In addition to her writing career, Tracy Borman has also contributed to various historical documentaries and television programs, where she shares her knowledge and insights with a wider audience. Her passion for history and her ability to bring the past to life have made her a popular figure in the field of historical scholarship.

Borman's work often focuses on exploring the lives of influential women in history, including queens, consorts, and other notable figures who have shaped the course of events.

Through her books and media appearances, she seeks to uncover the untold stories and hidden complexities of these historical figures, shedding new light on their lives and legacies for modern audiences.

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