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A Taste of Spain Celebration Dinner

Thursday 29th August

Visit The Dog at Wingham on Thursday, 29th August, for our highly anticipated A Taste of Spain Celebration Dinner. Embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant flavors and rich traditions of Spanish cuisine, right here in the heart of Wingham.

Our talented chefs have curated an exquisite multi-course menu that captures the essence of Spain's diverse culinary heritage. From the sun-drenched coasts to the rolling vineyards, each dish will showcase the authentic tastes and aromas that make Spanish food so beloved worldwide.

As you settle in, prepare to be delighted by our expertly crafted main courses, which include traditional favorites like paella, bursting with fresh seafood, saffron, and aromatic spices. You'll also savor succulent grilled meats, seasoned to perfection, and innovative vegetarian dishes that highlight the best of Spain's garden-fresh produce.

No Spanish celebration would be complete without an array of delectable desserts.

To enhance your dining experience, we have carefully selected a variety of fine Spanish wines and sangrias that pair beautifully with our menu, ensuring each bite and sip is a celebration of Spain’s vibrant culinary culture.

The ambiance at The Dog at Wingham will be transformed into a festive Spanish retreat, complete with live music to serenade you throughout the evening, creating the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable gastronomic event.

Reserve your table now for A Taste of Spain Celebration Dinner at The Dog at Wingham on Thursday, 29th August.

Join us for a night of exquisite food, fine wine, and lively entertainment as we bring the spirit of Spain to Wingham.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the flavors of Spain in a warm and welcoming setting!

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